For the sixth time in the Samara region there will be one of the most striking and memorable events of the year! There are 5 or 11 km. cross country distances: mud, water, obstacles, jungle. As well as funny round dances, Christmas trees and
great mood, because the theme of this marathon is New Year! We all love the holidays, so why wait so long if you can break out of the hustle and bustle of daily life and have them on September 14th?
If you have never participated in the Khryashchevka Challenge... take a chance and run, go or crawl your distance! Each participant is already a hero! And along the way of your heroic path at the marathon there will always be people running nearby who will help you pass the toughest trials, or spectators who will support with applause and an encouraging cry. And we provide the coolest obstacles, a lot of positive and a reason for pride, so sign up soon!
Khryashchevka Challenge is not just a marathon - it is a show where you will see people in the most incredible costumes running through the mud, where you will dance to your favourite New Year songs, where you will take the most vivid photos and where you will get incredible emotions that will last until the real New Year! Not only the running ones, but also the spectators will enjoy the marathon, because they are waiting for a foam party, the II Mud Football Championship, a disco, a photo zone, a bunch of Santa Clauses and so much more!

VI International Extreme Marathon
Khryashchevka, Samara region, 14.09.19, 18+

You are at least 18 years old
You guarantee that your physical and psychological health allows you to go through the selected distance. You do not have chronic diseases and other ailments, vile thoughts in relation to other participants and to the Organizers
At a distance you will strictly follow the recommendations of the Organizers, volunteers, medical workers and the police. Run (walk, crawl) along the track Honestly, without cutting or disturbing others
You acknowledge that the Organizers or the police at any time, at their discretion, may remove you from the race or withdraw you from the territory of the Marathon, taking into account your condition and behavior
Do not burn bonfires, do not break green spaces and buildings, do not litter and do not spoil (except for special designated places). With its worthy behavior, to eradicate such manifestations from other participants and spectators
If you feel pain, malaise or overwork, immediately get out of the race, take a rest, and then decide. You are already a Hero
Be positive, radiate positive energy, help your neighbor in the distance. Rejoice at what you have!
The "Khryashchevka New Year Challenge" is more than a test of yourself! We are friends! They do not deceive friends, do not insult, they do not interfere with friends. They share their mood and joy with friends! Let's make the world a better place!